Monday, July 13, 2009

My weekend in TX

I just got back from a quick weekend in Dallas to see my grandpa. This was my last chance to fly before I needed a doctor's note and getting away with three kids will be nearly impossible. I wrote down some thoughts about the weekend, but I will have to post that later. It was hard to process and I'm sure the flight attendant and other passengers near me thought I was crazy when I started crying halfway through the flight. Of course, I could always just claim pregnancy hormones! :) I'll post later about the visit...until then...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last weekend

Despite the feelings vented in my last post (I said I would be open and honest), my husband really is a great guy. I was reminded of that last weekend on our anniversary. 6 years of marriage and we finally got to celebrate our anniversary with something other than a dinner out! I was so excited. A weekend without our kids is what I wanted, but I got sooooooo much more!

My mom came and got the kiddos on her way home from work on Friday then I was free! Hubby wasn't able to come and get me so I drove to downtown Nashville to meet him at our hotel for the weekend. The Hutton Hotel was awesome! It's this cute little boutique hotel that used to be an office building. We were on the 11th floor facing downtown.

This was our view

This is the office building he used to work in.

When I walked into the room he had just one of many surprises for the weekend. A brand new Nikon D40 camera!! I was beyond shocked and excited!!!!!!!!! I have just begun to scratch the surface of what all this camera can do. Let's just say that we won't need another camera for many, many, many years.
After getting a little freshened up (it was REALLY hot that day) we decided to go downtown and have some dinner. The storm that came through canceled our plans to go dancing in the park so I chose The Melting Pot for dinner. I have always wanted to go there and now was our chance. It was great and so was the walk to the Riverfront afterward. He did have to remind me to stop talking about the kids, but that was the last time for the whole weekend. :)
Saturday we went to Green Hills mall for some shopping...after all, I needed a dress for the symphony that night! We found a great dress at Macy's that we got an excellent deal on and I'll be able to wear it post-baby, too! I was able to get a pedicure since we got such a great deal on the dress and spend the whole day just being with my husband as his wife. I will never underestimate the power of having some time without the kids ever again! That evening we got dressed up and made our way to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center to see the Nashville Symphony play Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

Sunday was just a lazy day. We got up and around kind of late, ate breakfast, and checked out of the hotel. The plan was to go to Arrington Vineyards for a picnic and some jazz, but it was just too hot! We went to a movie instead.

It was a relaxing, wonderful weekend of just being with my husband. I think we realized how important it is for us to have regular dates. We need that for us and the kids need to know that they are not our first priority all the time. Our marriage came first. I think we also realized that raising kids is extremely stressful. Without them, there was no screaming, no fighting, no cross words to each other. If we disagreed about anything (and I don't think we did) we just talked about it and stayed calm. That's the kind of marriage I want all the time!

To my husband:
I love you with all my heart and thank you so much for the wonderful, thoughtful things you did for us this weekend. There is no one else in this world that I would want to be married to or have children with. You really are the love of my life.

Pardon me while I vent

Before I start, let me say that I love my family. There are days that I just sit back and marvel at what God has blessed me with.
Then there are days that I just want to go back to college and start all over. I go through these phases where I just get so frustrated with being a mom and wife. Why are we expected to do EVERYTHING for EVERYONE in the house? It came about again yesterday after picking up the same mess for the 10th time this week (literally, I counted). When I left for work last night at 5:00 the living room and dining room were fairly picked up. Yes, there was still stuff around and in the floor, but nothing that wouldn't take 5 seconds to pick up and put in it's place...then I came 11:30 pm. I DO NOT understand how my husband, who hates a messy house, can go to bed with it looking like that! There were crayons on the stairs, papers all over the living room, dinner dishes piled up in the sink (at least they were in the sink), my new camera in the floor, my hairbrush on the floor, and various other things scattered around. I picked it all up and tried to go to bed. I couldn't because my mind was racing with everything that has to be done in the next week and a half. (You see, we are moving...again...twice in a year. I won't go into details, but let's just say that we've been here before and I don't like it. It makes it extremely hard to get motivated to start packing up stuff now when I'm picking up two children's and an ADULT'S mess every day.)
Fast forward to today. Here I am looking around at the mess...again. So I send my kids out to play in the backyard. My son decides to make a mud pie and use his little shovel (smart, stay as clean as possible) and my daughter decides to use her hands. She is covered in mud and now they are complaining that they are hot and want to come in...muddy. I look outside and see my daughter's skirt from yesterday wet and covered in mud laying on the deck. Left there by daddy after their trip to the lake last night. AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Is it really too much to ask that the other adult who lives here and helps raise his children clean up just a little??? Really??? I can only take so much of this before I lose my mind.

Did I mention that we have another baby coming in 3 months???!!!! Like I need more messes to clean up and be responsible for!