Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Okay, so I haven't blogged in a while. Life gets in the way and we lost our "free" wireless internet (someone in the neighborhood didn't have their signal blocked). So much has happened. I have finally gotten my Pampered Chef business back up and running. I am looking to really book up my schedule for August and September and then ride the wave. K is doing great in the potty training dept. He even went on a weekend trip with daddy and only had one accident in his diaper. I'm such a proud mama!! A is getting more and more vocal and very needy. She thinks that all her needs should be met immediately. It's driving me crazy! I will update more often I hope. Do pray for R. His company is going under and I just turned in my resignation a couple of weeks ago. We will rely on God's provision, but it's hard to have faith and trust sometimes.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Great Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend. My husband and I were able to actually go on a date Friday night for the first time in probably 2 years! It felt wonderful to have an adult conversation for a change. We went to a coffee shop in the 'boro and then around to the mall and Target then to Ritter's for some frozen custard. Then...on Sat. we were able to go and play 9 holes of golf in Smyrna. I will talk about that later. I just have a little more time so I do have to say that my mom is the greatest. She watched our two kids Friday night and then again on Sat. then K got to spend the night with her. She is so awsome and I am greatful to have a mom who can still take on two kids so my husband and I could have some time to work on our marriage. Updates on potty training coming soon to a computer near you!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

from July 6, 2007

potty training

FINALLY!!! Kyler has begun potty training. Those parents of 2 and 3 year olds know what I'm so happy about. I had no problem with the fact that he just wasn't ready yet, but then Aaliyah came. There is nothing that makes you feel like a real parent like going to Wal-Mart and buying two boxes of diapers in different sizes then looking at your 2 1/2 year old who lookes like a 3 1/2 year old. I all of a sudden got really tired of changing diapers all day.
It all started on Monday. He came and told me every time he went in his diaper and then actually let me change him!! To change him without a fight hasn't happened in quite some time. On Tuesday, he had absolutely no desire to tell me anything and would not let me change his diaper all day! Wednesday was a lost cause due to the 4th. Then Thursday came and I wanted to take advantage of the momentum.
Now, let me pause for a moment and let you know how we have to decided to potty train our son. Most children get uncomfortable in a wet diaper...not my son. Some will just learn to tell you when they are wet and then you can gradually work your way to the potty...not my son. Some children will even tell you that they don't want to wear diapers anymore and just make the switch...not my son. Oh no, my hard-headed, extremely smart son has to learn not to pee on himself. That is, we put him in underwear and just let him pee (only because we have hard wood and tile floors in the living room and kitchen). He does not like that one bit. Now back to my story.
On Thusday, I didn't give him any choices. I just asked him which pair of underwear he wanted to wear. He had one accident and then it happened. He told me he had to go and started whimpering as he jumped off the couch. He didn't quite make it to the potty, but that was major progress. A few minutes later, I got him to sit down with the promise of looking at some pictures, but before I could even get the pictures out, he did it!! Kyler went in the potty!!!!! He was so excited. He went two more times that day and pooped once! I was so happy, but didn't want to get my hopes up too much because maybe it was just a novelty thing and he would go back to diapers the next day.
Today is Friday. Kyler used the potty twice and only had one accident! We are officially on our way to getting out of diapers. Now if I only have the patience to deal with accidents and the next step which will be going when we are not at home. I guess this will be when we start using pull-ups.
from June 28, 2007

4 year wedding anniversary

Well, Ray and I have now been married for 4 years. Can you belive it? I still remember my mom saying on our wedding day, "Two first-born control freaks. This will be fun!!" Boy has it been a roller coaster. In only four years, I feel like we've been through so much. We've had two children, moved into our first house (though we hopefully will be moving out in Oct.), I started teaching, Ray's been through at least three (maybe four) company changes, we got a dog, and have suffered through all the financial problems and arguements that all newly married couples go through. At times, I wondered if we would make it through. I never thought we'd split, but when they say marriage is work, they really mean it. Fortunately we've been able to cling to our faith and our church through it all and God has placed great, inspirational friends along our way to lift us up when we needed it and put us in our place when we needed that! As I sat and thought about the significance of this day I tried to remember how we felt about each other on our wedding day 4 years ago. I still remember walking down the aisle although I can't remember looking at his face (I was trying not to ugly cry). I remember hearing one of my best friends return the favor and sing "The Lord's Prayer" for me like I had done for her 2 years before. I remember dancing with my father and not looking into his eyes on purpose so that neither one of us would lose it. I even remember little details like the woman standing in the doorway of Kroger as we walked in for a couple of last minute things. She said that we just looked so happy together and I got to tell her that we'd only been married a couple of hours. I remember what the hotel lobby looked like and how I felt when we took off to fly to our honeymoon. But most of all, I remember what it felt like to be a wife, finally. For those who knew me before Ray, you know what I'm talking about.
The hardest thing for me on this anniversary, though, was to remember what our life was like before kids. I have come to realize in the last year that, no matter how much I love my children, we had them too early. Now, don't get me wrong, my children are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to my husband and I, but we only had nine months together before we found out I was pregnant. I feel like we missed out on a great opportunity to really get to know one another and grow as a couple. Now, we are still trying to figure out one another and raise children at the same time. That is hard. I have also come to realize just in the last 6 months, that I have completely lost myself. I love to perform, but can't. I loved riding my bicycle long distances and seeing the countryside, but now I can't. I enjoyed being able to spend an entire Saturday in the bed with my husband watching TV and just being lazy, but now we can't. We love our children, but really miss each other.
My advice to those who are newly married, engaged, or married without children is this.........don't be in a rush. Children are a wonderful gift from God and he will give them to you in time. Enjoy all the little things you do for each other. Don't sweat the small arguements and blow them up. There will be plenty to argue about later on down the road.
I love my husband. I love my children. I'm still adjusting to my life:) Here's to the next year!
from June 16, 2007

The decision has been made

Well, it's almost official...I'm going to be a stay-at-home mom full time. I say "almost official" because I haven't turned in my resignation or even told my principal yet. Money will be tight, but for us, when has it not been? :) I will still continue with my Pampered Chef business, but will really have to start cranking out the business. So if you or anyone you know wants to host a Pampered Chef cooking show (I have some really great themed show ideas) then please let me know! Ray's business is really doing great. He's partnered up with some local real estate agents and is getting involved locally to give himself some more exposure. We are really excited about where this could take him and his business. If all else fails, I can teach private voice lessons in the afternoons. I'm really excited about this new chapter my life and I'm looking forward to seeing Aaliyah reach all these milestones that I missed with Kyler because Ray was home with him when I had to go back to work. I am asking for prayers during the next few months, though. We have a lot coming up both financially and personally and we will need God's strength and provision to make it through. I am confident that He will pull us through and hope that I can rely on Him completely instead of trying to control everything myself, which I am prone to do. I hope you have a wonderful summer and are blessed with the knowledge that God is in control no matter what. I saw a sign on a church last week that said "write out your plans in pencil, then give God the eraser."
from June 6, 2007


I have a friend from HS who lost her daughter this week and have really been reflecting a lot since I heard. I sent her a message telling her that I was praying for her and her family somehow hoping that those words would be a little comforting to her. Why is it that when something so tragic happens to someone close to us, we start to reflect on our own life. I wanted more than anything to tell her that I knew how she felt or I was hurting for her, but I don't and I'm not. I know that may sound cold, but really think about it. Unless you have ever lost a child whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, or otherwise, you really don't know how they are feeling. The level of hurt they have is nothing that you can really feel unless you have been there, too. I want to hurt for her and I do as best as I know how, but I know that's not enough. The day I heard, I just held my own daughter closer. She's only three months old so it hasn't been that long since I gave birth myself. I could only think about how I would have felt having carried this baby almost to term, go through labor and delivery, and then have the doctor tell me that she didn't make it. She never even got to take her first breath, let out that first wonderful cry, open her eyes and see her mom, or even wear a diaper. The only comfort is knowing that God is in control and even through the most tragic of circumstances, he has a plan. This little girl is still loved and will always be loved by her parents. The most awsome thing is knowing that God has her in his arms and she is smiling and seeing the beauty of heaven just waiting to meet her mom and dad and siblings one day. How thankful I am to have an awsome God and two beautiful children. I've become even more thankful in the last few days for my kids. Even in the most trying of days I can know I'm blessed to be a mom to two children who will hopefully grow up one day to know how much they are loved.
From May 29, 2007

I am so confused
I went back to work today to clean up my classroom and pack up everything for the summer. My room was absolutely trashed!! I guess I shouldn't be surprised given that I was out for 3 months and it is a middle school. The kids don't take care of the things that are theirs, why should they take care of something that doesn't belong to them? Everyone at work today kept asking if I was going to come back next year. I have no idea! On one hand, if I go back, I have a life outside of my home and kids and can actually make a little money to go toward paying off some bills. On the other hand, my stress level is sooooo much higher when I am at work because I have to come home and do everything, too. If I stay at home, I can see my kids grow up and still take care of my home with a little less stress (or maybe it's just a different, more manageable kind). I AM SO CONFUSED!!!! My feeling at this very moment is that I came home to a messy house, a dog who needs someone to play with him, a baby who wouldn't take a nap, a toddler who was just being a two year old, and a husband who wanted dinner immediately. I truly felt like putting my head through the wall. If this is how it will be if I go back to work, I'll stay home, please. At least I have the rare opportunity to take a nap if the kids are sleeping at the same time. :)
from May 13, 2007
Reflections on Mother's Day

On this, my third mother's day, I have come to the sad realization that my mother and her mother and every other mother before me already knows....there is no such thing as a Mother's Day holiday! You still have to get up, feed the kids, get everyone dressed, and think of everyone else before yourself. What kind of gift is that? For my first Mother's Day, I got breakfast at McDonald's (or was it Burger King?). Last year, I received what only a mom of an 18 month old could get, a busted lip (yes, he busted my lip on Mother's Day). This year my son and husband each got a hair cut, my daughter was dedicated, and I got to take the first shower! That's right ladies and gentlemen, I, a mom of a 29 year old husband, a 2 1/2 year old son, a 2 month old daughter, and a 7 month old puppy, got to take a shower first! Now...to all non-moms out there, you are probably wondering what is the thrill of taking the first shower. I'll tell you that to get to take a shower at all on any given day is a miracle, but to get the first shower of the morning? Now that's a real gift. :)
I do have to say, though, that as I have reflected on this Mother's Day I could not be more thankful to be a mom. I have two wonderful children who are so awsome and easy to handle compared to most kids, I have a husband who, I'm convinced, does try to make me happy, and I have an awsome God who has, for some reason beyond my understanding, thought I needed such a great family. My children are not my own, but I'm so glad that He gave them to me to take care of for him. God is awsome and I'm thankful that he has made me a mom.
From May 12, 2007

Well, we went to my parent's house and picked up our long lost family member, our dog Brennan. He has been living with them since Aaliyah was born so that I could have some time to recover and adjust. He was still young (about 4 months or so) when they took him and has returned a full grown dog! Luckily, my parents were nice enough to train him and have him "snipped" while he was living with them. He is awsome and it's great to have him back. Ray and Kyler are both in doggie heaven. :) He looks more like a lab now, but still has that beagle face.