Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coupons, coupons, coupons!!!

Whether you use canned chicken or could just use some for a few recipes, this is an awesome chance to win 10 coupons!!! You can enter 3 times here and 3 times here for six chances to win 10 cans of FREE Swanson canned chicken.

Good Luck!

Monday, January 26, 2009

attempting to be creative

with dinner, that is. I am trying to make the most of what we have to make what we buy last longer. I came to the realization that I'm falling back into the quick, easy meals and that will end up costing us more in the long run. While I'm home, I need to try new recipes and think outside the Hamburger Helper box. :)

So...last Tuesday I made this...

Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza
I made the crust from scratch (because, yes, I like to...really!), used barbecue sauce instead of pizza sauce, mozzarella then hamburger and bacon crumbles on top of that topped with cheddar cheese. I think it tasted good, the kids liked it...I didn't get a final verdict from the picky one of the house, though. He hasn't complained yet and hasn't cracked any lame jokes about it, so I guess it was okay.

Wednesday, I found a recipe for turkey cornbread pot pie on this site. I had chicken instead of turkey and an actual cornbread mix I put on top instead of the refrigerated cornbread twists.

Once again, the kids and I liked it (they even ate their vegetables), but the picky one didn't say anything. There are a lot of options on this one that I will play with and see if I can actually create a recipe that's mine.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Just a few links

These are some of the blogs that I read. They are awesome if you are looking to cut way back either out of necessity or because you get a thrill out of stretching your money as far as you possibly can.

$5 Dinners - this lady feeds her family of 4 for $5 per night! It's amazing. I'm going to start trying to make one of her recipes one a week and see how it works out. ***BTW she is also giving away a $25 Kroger gift card right now. Go and enter until Wed. afternoon!!!
the Bargain Shopper Lady - nice site. She gives lots of coupon codes for online shopping and great tips here and there. I found out about her site from Jamie.
Being Frugal is Fabulous - I think the title of her blog says it all! She has codes for all kinds of freebies and discounts.
Money Saving Mom - posts great deals and coupons from all over. She also has another blog about being a mom of little ones. That one I LOVE, too!

Hope these help you if you are looking to start saving more in 2009!

Happy 2009!!

Oh, that seems weird. 2009...already? didn't we just have 2007? what happened to 2008??

It's amazing how fast time passes the older you get. I always say that I'm going to just "live in this moment" so that I don't forget what it felt like, looked like, smelled like...then I forget. I get too busy planning ahead and looking to the next thing that I never really and truly soak it all in. My wedding day was no exception...but that's another story.
I'm not making any resolutions this year. What's the point? I never keep them beyond 6 weeks...2 months, max. It's just too hard. Let's take a moment and look back at last year's list of "goals." Go ahead...I'll wait...really...okay, are you back? Here they are (with my added commentary) if you didn't go look at the post.

eat better (but isn't that on everyone's list?)**yeah, didn't happen, but I did lose some weight!
exercise more consistently (again, on everyone's list)**yeah, didn't happen
make a budget and stick to it (takes cooperation from the husband, so we'll see about that one)**yeah, didn't happen...are we seeing a pattern, yet??
increase my show schedule and be more effecient and effective at my business**quit my home-based business so...yeah, didn't happen
take time to stop and enjoy my children (I'm guilty of thinking that they are in my way instead of getting down and playing with them)**I think I actually did better at this one!!
start looking on the positive side of things first**always a struggle, but I had my moments that I actually did
let my husband know how much I appreciate him working so hard so that I can work from home and take care of our children**this falls under the category of slacker wife...didn't do it
make time for "date nights" once a month, every month**yeah, didn't happen. we can see...not good at keeping resolutions. This year, I've just come up with a few things that I'd like to do. They have nothing to do with changing who I am or what I look like. They have everything to do with spending more time with people. Enjoying the company of others...and sometimes my husband :)

in 2009 I'd like to:
take a wine tasting class
have friends over (sans kids) for a dinner party-type get together
have a weekend without kids to spend with my husband (preferable away from home)
host or attend a girls night with no guilt
highlight my hair and get it cut in a totally new style (okay, changing my look, but it's just hair, it grows back)
go on more than one date with my husband
start teaching again (had to put that on there...I miss SMS)

Just a simple list. What's yours?

Remembering Christmas

Just a few things I will always remember from this Christmas.

-We had very little money, but a "whole lotta love"
-The theme this year was "making memories." No, we didn't really have a theme, but that is what seemed to keep creeping back into our minds.
- First Christmas without Grandma...very hard. Not that we got to see them every Christmas, but just knowing that we can't was rough. One of my gifts was Grandma's diamond dinner ring and my brother got Grandpa's wedding ring. I will never forget the look on his face.
- my son is very selfish...I guess that's typical for a 4-year-old. We only had a few presents under the tree this year (like 4 or 5 each) for the kids and when everything was opened he said, "is this it? is this all I got? this isn't what I wanted. Where's my camera?" I don't know what else he said at the point because that's when I started crying. The weird thing for me, though, is that he has wonderful moments when he wants to help someone who doesn't have anything. So confusing.
- my husband was given my grandpa's scroll saw. The look on his face was priceless, too.

Hope your holiday was sweet and memorable.