Saturday, September 8, 2007

Renewed Passion

These are two words we often associate with a husband and wife who have rediscovered each other after a while. Perhaps it is after just a few years of marriage and they realize they have fallen into a rut or maybe they are new empty-nesters who have the opportunity to remember what life was like before kids but now with the years of experience and work they have put into their marriage. I hope that I can use those two words at some point in my marriage. That is not to what I am referring today.
I sell Pampered Chef products. Now some of you might say "whoopitydooda" and some may think "how good for you" but I am beginning to think of it as my career now. One of the reasons I am able to stay home now is because I know I can make up some of that income with this job. I really enjoy it. I love to cook (although you'd never know it to talk to my husband) and I love being social. This is perfect for me. However, the last 6 months or so have been really slow. Like, I haven't had a real show since February about 6 days before my daughter was born, slow. We had our monthly training meeting today and it was great, as ususal. After these meetings, I always have a renewed energy to get back to it, forget the past and move on. Then, by Tuesday or Wednesday, I am back to the same old routine of putting things off until it's almost too late. Thursday night I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep (which has been hard lately) and really psyched myself up to get back to it. I am supposed to be making up part of the lost income and I am not carrying my weight. Friday, these wonderful children of mine decided to throw all schedules out the window so I was not able to do anything with my business like I had planned on Thursday night in my head. Now comes today and the meeting.
I have heard it a million times at meetings, in emails, in newletters...If it is to be, it is up to me. Today it really hit me. I really have to pick up my lazy @$$ and get to work. Will it be hard, yes. Will I want to put it off, yes. Will my family suffer, not really. Will I be rewarded in the long run, definitely. I have found that when I am acutally accomplishing something that can be measured, I feel so much better about myself. Almost to the point that I get a little bold. So...after today's meeting, I have a renewed passion for my business. I am ready to call people, get shows booked and start building my team. I also have a renewed passion for myself. I am a woman. Not just a mom and wife. I am my own person and have every right to have a job that I love that actually pays money (for some reason, the government doesn't recognize "mom" as a paying position). I am a Pampered Chef consultant and proud of it!
P.S. if you have my number, call me to book a show and I'll tell you what my goals are! :)

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