Friday, April 9, 2010

What's a SAHM to do?

So...what does a SAHM do when the kids aren't home?

On my list today...take care of a few personal beauty things that have been left behind lately

Hook up our new-to-us washer (thanks to my wonderful brother!) and do laundry

Clean the house...again...but without interruption and no one to mess it up until tonight

Listen to MY music and sing all day

Clean up big kids' room...and mysteriously more things will go missing that they will never miss

Play with my happy baby

Bake cinnamon rolls for tomorrow's rushed breakfast (the boy has to be at the baseball field at 8:15)

Maybe mow the grass (or at least get it ready to be mowed tomorrow)

Maybe take a nap (if I can stop my mind from racing long enough)


I love my kids, but we all know mom's need a day off every now and then. Thank you to my wonderful mom for taking them off my hands for the day. :)

So...I want to know what you do when you don't have your kids around.

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