Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful for Juliana

Wow, I have three kids! Every day that sinks in a little bit more. I thought we were done at two. :)
Yes, Juliana was truly a surprise. I was petrified at first...not ready for a baby, overwhelmed at the thought of trying to take care of three, how was this going to work? Now, 6 weeks later, I cannot imagine her not being here.
She is already beginning to show her little personality. Not a high-maintenance princess like her sister, but definitely has her needs. She studies everyone and likes to snuggle...when she's in the mood! She isn't completely resistant to change, but doesn't like it too much. She is our little angel and I am thankful everyday that God decided that we needed another beautiful baby in our life.

We do make pretty kids...if I do say so myself.

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