Monday, December 31, 2007

I know, been a while...but we were sick

The last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy. Ray had a bad cold, then Kyler got sick the week before Christmas, the next day, Aaliyah was sick, then I started running a fever, then Aaliyah started running a fever. We finally got over the throwing up, messy diapers, not eating, and fevers...just in time for Christmas Eve. I have discovered how much NOT like Kyler my daughter is. After a week of feeling crummy and me throwing her schedule out the window just to keep her happy, she is completley off schedule. She's waking up at night, again. She's not napping well, again. She's not nursing well, again. oh, lovely motherhood! I'll post Christmas pics as soon as I get the camera out of the car (yes, it's been there for a week).

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