Wednesday, September 17, 2008

update on Grandma

Mom came home yesterday after spending 10 days with Grandma as she started her chemo treatments. My uncle is "on duty" right now. Mom is tired but glad she got a full night's sleep last night.
I called grandma yesterday just to check up on her and my uncle answered the phone. He told me that she was not having a good day. She was very tired...would fall asleep walking to the bathroom...and not eating much. I called back today and talked to her for a little bit, then I talked to my uncle some more.

Wow, how a week can change things. When I talked to grandma last week, we carried on a good conversation. She sounded weak, but was cohearent and understandable. When I talked to her today, it's like she didn't have much of a clue as to what I was talking about. My uncle said that's about how she's been this week. We will know after next week if chemo is helping or not. Then the plans start to get us out there to visit...somehow. I am trusting God will provide what we need to get out there to see her and spend some good quality time talking and remembering and letting her enjoy her great-grandkids as much as she is able.
We still don't know the primary source of the cancer (liver is rarely the primary source) and a couple more things have come up in the family in this "realm" of possible cancer or cancer-related type things (is that vague enough?)

Specific prayers:
Mom's energy and strength and health
God's will to be done in Grandma's illness (if he doesn't want healing, then we don't either)
Grandpa's health - the days he doesn't know what's going on will be especially hard
calm and peace and understanding in our family...if God uses this to bring family members to Him, then I am all for that (as hard as it is to admit, sometimes)

thank you for reading

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Michael said...

When I saw your mom last week, she looked beat! I know that this is really hard for all of you. Hang in there.