Friday, September 26, 2008


I talked to Grandma on Wednesday...apparently 48 hrs after chemo is when it hits her. I will start calling her on Tuesdays when she feels better. She was okay...very tired...but sounded better than last week. Grandpa was taken to the hospital for evaluation and to change his meds. He got very beligerent and aggressive yesterday so my uncle took him. His doctor was on call when they got to the hospital, but grandpa didn't recognize her at all. Thankfully, he didn't hurt grandma. He'll be there for about a week. My great aunt's cancer is Stage that is good. I'm not sure what the course of treatment is, but I'm glad she caught it early.

As I was telling some people on Sunday...this is very hard for those of us the family who are caregivers. We want to help...I haven't been able to because of several reasons. I wanted at the very least to be able to do something for my mom to lift some of her burden (do something physically, that is...I am praying, of course). Well, this weekend she and dad are going to NC to see a friend play at an inn there. We are keeping their "child" Kris. At least I can do that for her so she can go and relax and recharge just a little bit. He is staying outside for now, though. He and Brennan love to wrestle so they don't get to come in until the house is a little more "Kris-proof" and they have worn themselves out sufficiently. Here is what Kris is doing now.

I'll try to get some more pics to put up later...after the camera batteries are charged.

Have a great day!

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