Wednesday, October 22, 2008're it!

So...apparently I have been tagged by Mandi (who, coincidentally spelled my name wrong). I have to list 7 interesting things about myself, and find 7 people to tag. I am not sure these 7 things will be interesting...they may just be things that surprise you about me (or not). :)

1. When I was younger I used to put on shows for my parent's friends when they came over. By younger I mean until I was like 13 and by shows I mean putting up the boom box and singing and dancing for them (and it was RRREEEEAAAALLL bad)

2. I envy stay-at-home moms who get to leave their house with their kids.

3. I met my husband online...from a personals ad...that I put up...while engaged to someone else.

4. When we found out we were pregnant with Kyler we both cried...him because he was because I was upset and mad.

5. I swore I would never become a coffee drinker...then I had a second don't want to see me before coffee now!

6. I tried out for cheerleading in 7th grade...and was laughed at by pretty much everyone.

7. I used to think I was the world's worst procrastinator...then I realized (recently, actually) that my husband is 10 times worse!!

The "tagged" 7
1. she has time with two daughters now!

2. Jenni - wife of the oldest son of my parent's best friends in Oklahoma (did you get all that?)

3. Judy - I'm sure she'll have tons of (and by tons, I mean way too much) fun with this!

4. Jeanne - a great friend from church who will be moving to West Africa to live her life for Christ.

5. Becca - another friend from church who has such smart and funny boys (oh, and we used to be in her Bible Study)

6. Jamie - cool chick we used to live near, go to church with, and participate in a small group with. She and her family love God so awsomely and have such a neat life!

7. Rachel - another church bud and choir trouble-maker. Our #2's are just a few weeks apart.

Even if you're not interested in my 7 things...check out these friend's blogs. Each has an awsome story to tell.

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