Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans in my life

Today is the day we set aside as a nation to honor those who have served and sacrificed to preserve our nation's freedom. Please do not forget that, although you may not agree with this war or that war, these brave men and women have served our country proudly and of their own free will.
I come from a family of soldiers. I am proud on this day to list those in my family who have or who are serving in our military:

Sgt. First Class Ed Stevens - Tennessee Army National Guard - and my dad :)
Robert - Tennessee Army National Guard*
Deborah Kallisto - United States Air Force
Greg Barnes - United States Army (served one tour in Desert Storm)
Justin - United States Navy* (currently serving in the Middle East)

These are just immediate family and first cousins. I have several extended family members who have also served and I am just as proud of them. Please take at least one moment today to say a prayer for those who have served in our military so that you have the freedom to say a prayer for them!

(*first name and branch only due to safety and security reasons)

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