Friday, March 28, 2008

Hot Topics

I don't usually comment on topics in the news, but lately there have just been too many to ingore. So...I'm starting a series called "Hot Topics" (ala The View). Here is the first.
In the last few days there have been news stories on various channels about monogomy. The "reports" say that it is in our DNA to NOT be monogomous. "They" say that because we are animals we are programmed to have multiple partners throughout our lifetime. This is how they explain men and women cheating in a marriage. I actually heard a "therapist" say on one show that it was okay to have sex outside marriage if the husband/wife was open about it and that this arrangement works for some people. In the same show, a husband said that his wife allows him to have sex with "escorts" to satisfy those needs. One of the hosts of the show asked him how his wife felt about him cheating and he said that she was hesitant at first (due to some of her insecurities) but she was okay with it now. And that he wasn't cheating on his wife because she new about it, it's not like he was sneaking around behind her back. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!
God made everything, every animal and every human. Now, the primary goal of animals is to procreate. We humans, however, have been given a different objective. We are on earth to praise and worship our Creator and spread the glory of His name. We are also created to be relational and have been given a brain that can reason right from wrong. Now, if we go to the Bible, nowhere does it say that we are programmed to "stray" from our mate. In fact, He created someone just for us. When we are lucky enough to find that person and marry them, we make a covenant before God, our church, and our family to be faithful to that person. A COVENANT, not a contract, not a commitment. Covenants are never to be broken...EVER. back to the topic. I am tired of people making excuses for their decisions. No one takes the blame anymore. We live in a society of blamers...blame someone else for our poor judgement, we are not responible. Maybe that man's wife was "hesitant" and had "her insecurities" because her husband was basically saying that she is not enough for him and it's all about HIS needs being met. I bet that if he were to meet some of her needs (like honesty and faithfulness to the marriage) then his desires would be met by his wife and not some prostitute. I could go on forever, but this is getting very long so I'll get off my soapbox.

Future Hot Topics - children and Mixed Martial Arts, "A Twist of Fate"

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