Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am

Saw this on Jamie's blog and thought it was a great post. I'm all about stealing good ideas! :)

i am: a mom and wife
i think: constantly
i know: that "this too shall pass"
i want: to have it all
i have: security in my faith
i wish: that I had more time with my husband
i hate: disrespect
i miss: my family in Oklahoma and my best friend in Korea
i fear: leaving my comfort zone
i feel: emotional
i hear: songs in my head all day long
i smell: tater tots
i crave: affection and meaningful conversation
i search: for God's purpose for my life
i wonder: why other people have it better than I do
i regret: letting my past interfere with my present
i love: my son's cuddles and my daughter's laugh
i ache: for a better marriage
i care: about other people's happiness
i always: procrastinate
i am not: a Tennessean!
i believe: my children are the most beautiful kids on earth
i dance: with my kids at least once a week
i sing: not as often as I want to
i cry: over many things, some silly, some not
i don’t always: like my life
i fight: to keep my emotions semi-stable
i write: to get my feelings out
i win: at nothing
i lose: my mind constantly
i never: get to go grocery shopping
i confuse: my son's name with my brother's all the time (and they're not even close to the same!)
i listen: to silence whenever I can.
i can usually be found: at home
i am scared: I will lose myself completely
i need: security
i am happy about: losing weight.

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