Friday, May 9, 2008

Big Announcment!

Not about me...but I got your attention, huh???!
Watching the Today show this morning, and they had a teaser about Mother's Day. The Duggar Family was on with their 17 kids (yes, 17) and they "had a surprise announcement" to make. Yeah, with this family, there is only one "surprise" announcement they would make on national television...they are having another baby! This makes 18 kids in their 24 or so years of marriage! Right now the oldest is 20 and the youngest is 9 months.
Anyone who knows about this family has many things to say, I'm sure. I did a little quick research and found that there are a lot of people who think they are crazy and/or stupid. I saw them called "hyperreligious" and "like a cult" and I saw some good things, too.
This family believes that children are a gift from God and they will have as many as He sees fit to give them. Now, ususally, I would go on and on about how they should stop b/c the oldest are raising the youngest and not allowed to grow up or how there is no possible way that they could support that many kids, etc, etc. HOWEVER...I am fascinated by this family. They live debt-free, their lives are very organized (from what I can see), there is a lot of loving on each and every child, and they always put God first. Forget all the little things that I may not agree with (girls in dresses with long hair, boys in khakis and polos, no use of birth control, etc). This family is living strong for God in the way they know how. The negative things that I ran across online were about how they use religion as an excuse to be a "baby mill" or how their in no way that every child could possibly get all the attention that he/she needs or that the mom is just living in the dark ages and the dad is the "king of his castle." For some reason, that just seems sooo not true of this family. They are able to support their family financially, spiritually, and emotionally. More power to them. I admire them...wouldn't want to be them...but admire them all the same.

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