Friday, May 2, 2008


I was reading here, as I do almost every day, and she referenced this.
Read it...really...take the time to go to the link then come back...I'll still be here...really, go!

Now that you've read it...R U KIDDING ME??? Since when is OKC a "hell on earth"? Unpredictable weather? Hey idiot! You should come visit Nashville for a couple of minutes! If you don't like the weather here, stick around for an hour or'll change. Really, though. He makes OKC sound like a scene from a movie during the spring/summer months. The only natural disaster they have is the tornado. They've had one really bad one in the last 30+ years and that makes them "hellish"? I'm quite peeved about the whole thing, really. In fact, I actually feel safer in OKC during bad weather than I do here. I think it so funny to go visit family and watch the news then come back home and several years later they're talking about the "newest in doppler radars" or "the latest and best at predicting severe weather." Do you remember when the local TV stations got the "newest" gadget to predict where the storms were going to hit and they could even tell you the street (it was around 2000)? That was cool, huh! Except they had that in Oklahoma in, like, 1990.

Okay, I'm done ranting.


K said...

Ok, that's just funny. If you watch TV in Oklahoma, you might think that there are a ton more storms than here in Tennessee, but that is just because they preempt programming for weather ALL the time. There can be a t-storm in the panhandle and programming in OKC will be preempted for 3 hours. However, TN has just as much inclement weather as OK and just as many natural disasters.

Jennifer said...

I know! Completely outrageous.
Thanks for the link!