Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I know, I know

It's been way too long since I posted anything at all. Let's just say that the last couple of weeks have been a time of craziness. I can't and won't go into any detail at all except to say that we are completely out of our box and our routine.

Last week I taught VBS at our church and it was awsome (as always)! We had over 40 kids make some sort of decision about Christ by the end of the week!!! I say "some sort of decision" because not all are professions of faith, nor should they be. Our ministry staff is great at making sure the children know exactly what becoming a Christ follower means. We take it seriously and I'm proud of that. That means that when my children are ready, it won't be because we pushed them or someone told them that they HAD to. It will be there decision and they will understand that decision. The other awsome thing about VBS was that Kyler's classes were doing the same thing as the older kids (just simplified) so we were able to talk about it every day! That was totally awsome for me. It gets emotional sometimes, but it is such a fuzzy feeling inside when you know that your child understands what he learns at church and is so excited about it that he can't wait to tell you. I love that!

The job hunt has been going okay. I sent my resume to 4 schools that had positions open and three of them emailed me back and said that the positions had already been filled. :( HOWEVER...I got a call from BMS yesterday and set up an interview for Friday. If you are not too busy at about 8:30 Friday morning, prayers would be appreciated. I haven't done a teacher interview before where I didn't already have the job (I was basically hired b/f the interview at Smyrna). It is a good schoool and I know the principal from SMS so I'm hoping that this pans out. If not, then God has another job out there for me and I just have to be open to it. :)

The kids are doing well. Kyler is learning more letters and their sounds. Our next step is going to be putting those sounds together and to start reading. Maybe we can make some good progress by his 4th birthday in Nov. He is also getting better at writing a few letters. We've only done the simple capital letters, but he's picking those up fast! Aaliyah is a little stinker. I think she's teething again (no, we still don't have all her teeth) and this time it's bad. She's finally walking and really wants to run. The great thing is that she's picking up more sign language faster so there are fewer fits when she can't tell us what she wants. She still throws a fit when she doesn't get her way or when Kyler's in my lap, or in her way, or playing with something she wants, or when someone's eating around her, or...well, you get the idea. She doesn't like sharing one bit, but she doesn't have a choice!

Okay, this is longer than I intended, so I'll go for now. I'll try and do better about keeping everyone updated. Have a great week!

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