Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Weekend

We had an awesome time this weekend! K had a game on Friday night and they won!!! I was so proud of him and the team. After the game was over we dropped the kids back at Nana and PopPop's house and off we went on our first date in almost a year! I was tempted to run away and leave the kids for the night...but quickly realized that K had another game Sat. morning. :( Hubby let me choose where to go and I decided on a Japanese Steakhouse in town that I've been wanting to try. Not bad. Our cook/chef was very "just doing my job" and that disappointed us, but I think we'd be willing to try it again sometime.
Saturday morning brought us to the ball field for the second of three games this weekend. We played the number one team in the league...and they still remain number one. It was not our best game by any stretch of the imagination. It was, however, a good learning opportunity for K. He did not play his best, and it was obvious. We were upset and were able to tell him why. I think he got it. He, understandably, has a hard time paying attention when he's on the field. He's one of the youngest players (4 years old on a 5/6 year old team) and baseball is not exactly the most busy of sports. There is quite a bit of watching and waiting...not exactly his style.
Sunday brought a lot of activity. We went to the first service at our awesome church and saw several people we haven't seen in a while b/c we are usually at the second service in a different part of the building. We left there to grab a quick bite and then home to get dressed for game number 3. The team didn't have enough players to field a whole team so we had to forfeit, but the coaches agreed to let the kids play anyway (it just wouldn't count). They had a fun time and played well. K played MUCH better than on Sat. He was in a different position and actually made a few plays......almost. He tried, he paid attention, and he listened to the coaches. He was proud b/c he played his best and he knew it...and so did we. :) Sunday evening brought out the grill for a Caribbean grill feast followed by family movie night in the living room.
It was a great weekend. Busy, but for some reason, I feel refreshed.

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