Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sad day

Not in my life, but in the world of entertainment.

Ed McMahon died today. :( My memories are from the Publisher's Clearing House commercials and Star Search. Most people have great memories of him on Johnny Carson, but, alas, I am too young to have those memories (it was on too late for me).

Jon and Kate have announced they are splitting up. Now I don't know if they are just separating or filing for divorce; the media is using those terms interchangeably (they are not the same thing in my mind). I don't watch this show on a regular basis b/c we don't have cable, but I have seen a few episodes. I'm sad because it looks, from this side, that they have let pride and hurt hinder them from reconciling. In my opinion, as soon as they realized that things were getting off track, they should have cut back on filming (can't stop completely b/c they are under contract and the show is their income) and began to seek help whether from their church or a counselor. Marriages have survived much worse and been healed thanks to God's grace and forgiveness. Only they know what truly happened, but I do hope that they return to God's feet and put Him back at the center of their family. I always hurt for a couple when they decide that divorce is better than staying married. I have not been married for long (compared to some) but we have already been through some very stressful events and come through closer because of it. I hate to see people give up before trying to heal the relationship. My prayers are with this family and their children who, no doubt, know exactly what it going on by this point.

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