Friday, March 12, 2010


-working on a new photography blog for 3 Kings Photography. Hoping I can keep that one up to date more consistantly than I have done on this one. ;)
-my brother is finally out of the desert and on his way home...woohoo!
-I am so ready for warmer weather and better prices on fresh fruit and vegetables! I eat so much better in the spring and summer.
-dealing with some old emotional baggage that has crept back up...Satan is having a field day with me. :(
-wish I could just have a couple of weeks with no children and a lot of money...I have some serious urges to clean everything out, organize, and paint!
-Little Bit started cereal this week...I can't tell if she loves the cereal or the spoon coming at her mouth! it's quite funny to see.
-I'm really starting to get the hang of this meal planning thing and using up everything I have on hand before going to the store...I've managed to make our groceries last a much longer if I could just have my own cow to milk...I'm sure it would be a whole lot cheaper! :)
-struggling with going back to work...was so sure I wanted to go back to teaching while I was, not so sure...would like to work part-time during the day while girls are in a MDO program.
-it's starting to sink in that I will have one child in school next year...I'm really struggling with letting scared he will be getting trouble all the time or pick up some really bad habits from the other kids
-I would really like to re-evaluate my parenting and do some things different
-going to take a nap now, Little Bit decided she needed a feeding at 1:30 this AM and K and A decided they needed to get up before 6 because the thunder was "scawy"

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