Wednesday, March 3, 2010

so what's it REALLY like? part 2

If you missed part one, go read here first.

***This entry is in no way bashing my husband. I'm not saying that I've never done this, but not recently. Just trying to be brutally honest about what goes through the mind of a SAHM.***

There is a surprising emotional toll to being a SAHM that no one tells you about...until now. There are days you resent your husband because he goes to work and has no idea what you do all day (and has even uttered those deadly words "so what did you do all day?"). You can feel isolated; even more so if you are extremely social, like me. You have all day to let bad feelings fester and boil up. You can get in the bad habit of thinking too much, all day long. For example, let's say that before your husband left for work, he said something that rubbed you the wrong way. He's off to work and has forgotten all about it by the time he gets, however, have not. He had traffic, music on the radio, and planning his day on his have taken that hurt from what he said and let it sit. Then piled on top of it a fussy baby, a messy house, dishes from breakfast that need to be done, two preschoolers begging you to play with them, or do this, or watch that...then it see it...something else that has to be picked up. But it doesn't belong to one of the kids. Oh, no. It's a sock (or shirt, or shoes) and it's HIS!! THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD ENOUGH! WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT AN ADULT PICKING UP THEIR OWN CRAP!!!!!
You have officially snapped. It sits, festering, boiling inside until he walks in the door, then you let him have it the second he looks at you wrong and he has NO idea what he has done.
Sound familiar?
What about this one?
Your kids have been running around the house and talking non-stop all day long, literally. You have told them at least 20 times to pick this up or go do that, even giving them time out for disobeying you, but it's still not done. Daddy walks in the door and they become perfect little angels doing everything you've told them to do the first time he asks. Or maybe it's the opposite, you've had them tow the line all day and they are finally obeying and listening and calm, but when daddy gets home, all hell breaks loose. They are running around, fighting, screaming and yelling and he looks at you and says, "what's wrong with your kids?" My kids? MY KIDS??
yeah, I'll leave that one can probably guess what is said in response to that comment.
Truth is...I wouldn't trade it, but sometimes I dream of Supernanny coming in and making my home so nice and peaceful and fun...of course, my kids would have to be waaaayyyy worse for her to come here.

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