Monday, February 11, 2008


It is 10:15 am and I am kinda hungry. I didn't realize how much I'm in the kitchen munching during the day. I went in there to get my water and my eyes kept gravitating toward the pantry and the fridge and the food on the counter. This is going to be hard.
I've already yelled at Kyler and cussed this morning...sorry God, not exactly in line with the purpose of fasting. I am going to make a strong effort to be pleasant and not yell just because I'm hungry. Kyler knows what's going on...we explained the best we could last night. He knows we're not eating and kind of knows why we are doing it. He is excited about going to church tonight and tomorrow, though. I'm afraid Aaliyah will not do well since it is during her bedtime, but we'll keep happy thoughts going anyway. :)
Unexpected side effects...already having trouble typing.

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