Monday, February 11, 2008

The Sacred Gathering

Four years ago our chuch had what we called a "Sacred Gathering." It was a 3-day period of fasting, prayer, and corporate worship to focus on God's direction for our lives and the life of our church. Well, we are doing it again. The fast started yesterday after lunch and ends Tuesday night after the corporate worship time.
The first time we did this, I was all on board. A little leary of the 3 day fasting, I was still up for it...until the day before. I got up early that morning to take a little test that my husband made me get the night before. It was positive which meant no fasting for me. What test you might ask? The one that told us that a quick 9 months later we would be the proud parents of a baby boy! Ray still did the fast and almost made it to the last night...I ended up feeding him a couple of hours before the service because he was laid on the couch about to pass out.
Okay, enough rambling, now to the current Sacred Gathering. When it was presented to our church, I was thinking, "I can't fast, I'm nursing." Then, I stopped nursing. Then I thought, "I can't fast, my blood sugar is all whacky." Then, I said I could fast from refined sugar. Then, the more I thought about it, the more God pressed on me to rely on him to get me through and to stop making excuses. I didn't start fasting until last night after an early dinner. It was during dinner that God revealed to me that I was disobeying Him...directly...and on purpose. How bad did that make me feel? It was gut-wrenching. I kept making excuses and He kept telling me to stop and I wouldn't listen.
I am going to journal part of my experience through the fast and prayer on this blog, so stay tuned. There will probably be multiple entries each day as I work through what God wants me to learn.

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