Thursday, August 14, 2008


Is that really a word? Well, according to Pat Hood it is. Of course his famous "metaphor" (pronounced met-a-fur) is the classic. Anyway...God-ology is the study of God. It's his way of making theology a little more catchy and understandable.
I ramble...let me say what I actually meant to in this post!

Last night, we started a new "thing." It's not your typical Wed. night service. There is no music, no "preaching," and no extra "stuff." Just teaching...on theology. I LOVED it! This will be a semester-long study on who God is. We were told that it will shake us up, make us think, create more questions than we started with, and sometimes even make us mad. I can't wait! I grew up in a church that never really explained much. It just was and that was that. I am a person that needs things explained in detail so that I can wrap my brain around it. That's exactly what this is. Ray couldn't come last night but fortunately it will be podcast, so...if you want to understand what I'll be rambling about every week, feel free to go here and listen. could actually show up at the church on Wed. nights at 6:30 (if you are in this area) and here it live. I encourage you to listen or come and bring paper and a really good pen. I took three pages of notes last night alone and that was just the intro!

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