Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love our house

There are some great things about living where we do now.
#1 - one set of grandparents are right across the street (very helpful last night!)
#2 - we are back in Rutherford County
#3 - we live in a neighborhood that everyone knows about, directions are easy to give, and most of the neighbors are actually interested in knowing you!
#4 - we live close enough to the lake to walk down and feed the ducks (with the kids in the's a little far for them)

Here are some pictures from our little field trip this morning.

Ready to go!!

Mean Duck - he came right up to us the second he heard the wrapper on the crackers (as did about 500 other ducks!) and wouldn't back down. The kids were a little scared, but I was poised and ready to attack if needed. :)

Lots of ducks today. There were so many more than this, but it would have just looked like a lot of brown dots on the grass.


Throwing rocks in the lake (along with some duck poop thanks to my daughter!)

Aggressive Duck - wouldn't leave us alone. I had to keep my eye on him while I was taking pictures to make sure he wasn't going to peck me!

"I just want to skip rocks, mommy." This after I have already told him 15 million times that it's time to stop throwing the rocks.

wants to be just like bubba...doesn't listen!

Do we know what "STOP THROWING THE ROCKS" means???!!

"Dah, Dah" come here!!

On the way back home, Kyler caught his first butterfly on his arm! He was so excited that he named it and called it his pet. :)

Sorry there are no pics of the kids actually feeding the ducks. They (the ducks) were very aggressive when they heard the wrapper from the crackers and I didn't want them to attack the kids. The whole sleave of crackers went in about 30 lie. Maybe next time we'll take daddy...he'll protect us!

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