Monday, August 27, 2007

His subtle ways

My husband tries. Bless his heart I really think he does. I have been wondering where my husband went these last few weeks because we were really starting to make some serious headway in improving our marriage and then the job thing. All of a sudden he went back to shutting down and not talking. He didn’t even really touch me (and I mean this literally) for days. Today, I gave him several hints about a marriage enrichment thing our church is having in Sept. He always says that we don’t need these things and I always drop it because I don’t want to start an argument. Peacemaker. This afternoon he handed me some stuff from church and in it was a ticket to this event. Granted, it was for the wrong night, but he did it. He actually got the hint and followed through. I really think he is a romantic at heart, but thinks he has this tough guy image to maintain. I love this man. Now, maybe I can get him to hold my hand sometime in the next month! ;)

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