Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This heat is ridiculous

I can’t believe how hot it is! I just saw on the news that the heat index near where I live is 106!!!!! That’s bad enough, but here’s the real kicker…our house is not very efficient. By 4:00 yesterday afternoon it was about 81 degrees in the house and the air is set on 72. It’s pointless to turn it any lower because it is running all day as it is. I really don’t want to see the next electric bill. We are going to have to just leave the house the next few days until it gets cooler. I feel so sorry for the kids who have no choice but to be out in this right now. There are always student athletes who get sick and even die in weather like this because they don’t stay hydrated and cool. My mind wanders to band camp. This was the week we always had our week long camp. Our practice field was blacktop and we were out there for hours. The hottest part of the day was always spent inside working on music, but the drum line and the color guard had to be outside to continue practicing. Please be careful in this heat and continue to drink lots and lots of fluids (non-caffeinated).

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