Friday, August 10, 2007

Mini Vacation

Okay, so the hottest week in 19 years and we are having air conditioner problems! I survived last week and Monday and Tuesday this week, but then Wednesday and the highest temperature all year was predicited. R, who is currently without employment (I'll blog about that later), decided that we needed to get out of the house. Duh. We decided to go to the mall and watch a movie and then walk around until the hottest part of the day was passed. Well, when we got home at 6:00 pm, it was almost 90 degrees in our house!!! Okay, eat dinner, clean up the dog's mess downstairs (we put him there because it was cooler but he wasn't in his crate), pack a bag, get out. So that's what we did. We left and went to R's parent's house and spent the night and all day Thursday. We called the landlord before we left the house on Wed. and he said he would call his guy. Thursday afternoon rolls around and we haven't heard anything from our landlord. R calls and they can't come out until Friday around 11:00 am. Okay, run home get more clothes, more diapers, more dog food, Pampered Chef stuff (so I can get some work done, maybe), and drop off dirty clothes. I still haven't heard anything about our air and it's Friday afternoon. Maybe they called R. Maybe we'll be spending another night away from home. Maybe I will lose my mind.
Really, it's not so bad. My mother-in-law is off this week and has been around to help with the kids while R is in and out on job interviews. It's kind of like we are on a short family vacation visiting the family. If we have to spend another night away from home, I may suggest that we stay with my parents tonight. Just for a change of pace and so I don't feel like we've completely worn out our welcome with my in-laws. I'm sure my folks would like having the kids around a little. They don't get to see them near as much. I'll be posting more about the job thing when the dust has settled and there is a new job for sure.
Stay cool!

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