Saturday, August 4, 2007

what a week

This week has had me on an emotional rollercoaster. I won't go into detail, but sufice it to say I am drained. I have learned some amazing things about my husband through this week.
#1 - he loves his job; when that is threatened he gets very upset. He really enjoys helping people get homes and being in sales in general. He is also great at what he does. His big thing this week was making sure that all his clients were taken care of, whether he got paid or not. I am so proud.
#2 - he loves his family. Okay, so that's a given. Sometimes, though, I forget to stop and think about that. We get caught up in the daily grind of having two kids and all the financial junk that goes with me being at home now and him working long hours and we forget. I realized that there are so many things he could do for himself when he comes home in the evening, but instead he just wants to eat supper and play with his kids. I really think he enjoys leaving so he can come home to K hiding and A just lighting up when she sees him.
#3 - he loves me. Okay, another given. But don't we all forget that sometimes? Through all his stress this week I was able to step up and be the wife God made me to be. I put aside my selfish wants (although they were screaming in my head) and focused on making him comfortable to be at home. I was understanding, I hope, and even when he snapped at me (out of stress), I just calmly reminded him that it should not be taken out on me (I'm usually a yeller). I'm learning that when I fulfill God's purpose for me as a wife, there are benefits. He was able to still show love to me this week because I was supportive of him.
God is so good. Maybe this next week will be better and less chaotic.

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