Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Day of Birthdays

We celebrated 3 birthdays yesterday (of 5 total in Oct.). Thomas turned three and Grace turns 1 today. They shared their birthday (how sweet) at The Bounce Factory in Antioch. This was Kyler's first trip there so you know I had to get pictures. He had a blast.

Here's sweet Noah coming down the slide. Kyler's at the bottom in the yellow shirt.

Climbing the ladder.


Tyler W will be 3 on the 12th. Notice the t-shirt. His mom swears they designed it just for him!

Thomas the birthday boy!

Savannah sweetie.

Savannah's big brother Jackson showing some style on the slide.

Tyler's little brother, Aiden. He turned 1 yesterday, too!

Aaliyah just hanging out.

The whole crew of kids. I think there were about 16 in all. It would have been chaos anywhere else!

My "niece" Grace, the birthday girl.

Gracie loves her sugar! Nathan wanted in on the action, too. He was opening her presents and helping her with her cake. What a great big brother.

When it was all said and done, we were worn out. But never fear! It was Nana's birthday, too!! We went over to my in-law's house and had some cake and ice cream for dinner. It was an amazing cake from this little Spanish bakery on Murfreesboro Rd., I think. She finally got her Tres Leches cake and was soooo excited. I have a pic on my phone, but that doesn't do you any good, does it. ;) Needless to say, it was a very busy day and we all slept well last night (until Aaliyah woke up at 3:00). Ah, the life of a mom.

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