Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pray, Pray, Pray

I don't know who all reads this, but I hope there are more than just a couple of people. I have a major request. Pray for my brother.
As long as I can remember, my brother has always wanted to be a civil servent of some kind whether as a firefighter, police officer, or military. The firefighter thing fell through. For the last few years he has been a detention officer with Metro in the prison system (non-violent). And now, it is time for his military career to take off, literally. However, there have been some major "snags" along the way. When he signed up to be in the National Guard 8 years ago, there were all kinds of paperwork problems that took almost a full year to straighten out. Then everything was great. About 1 year ago, he decided that he wanted to change units and go back to his original plan of becoming a blawk hawk pilot. Well, it's taken a year to get the orders to go. Great!
Now for the major problem that needs prayers. He has his bloodwork done and they tell him that his cholesterol is too high! He had no idea. Come to find out, it was high (medically speaking) the last time they took it but didn't tell him what it was because it wasn't over the limit! Gotta love the Army. He has to have it re-tested (fasting) on Friday...after his PT test which is a 2 mile run, situps, pushups, and the like.
We are all praying that his cholesterol is below the limit on Fri. so he doesn't have to be tested again on Monday. This will take an act of God, and we are counting on it. God can work miracles, I've seen him do it. Now we need one for my brother. This is not beyond God's power and I want to see Him glorified through this situation.


Jennifer said...

Added to my list! God can certainly do it

Becca said...

Just found your blog!! I'm adding you to my growing list of daily reads!