Sunday, July 8, 2007

From May 29, 2007

I am so confused
I went back to work today to clean up my classroom and pack up everything for the summer. My room was absolutely trashed!! I guess I shouldn't be surprised given that I was out for 3 months and it is a middle school. The kids don't take care of the things that are theirs, why should they take care of something that doesn't belong to them? Everyone at work today kept asking if I was going to come back next year. I have no idea! On one hand, if I go back, I have a life outside of my home and kids and can actually make a little money to go toward paying off some bills. On the other hand, my stress level is sooooo much higher when I am at work because I have to come home and do everything, too. If I stay at home, I can see my kids grow up and still take care of my home with a little less stress (or maybe it's just a different, more manageable kind). I AM SO CONFUSED!!!! My feeling at this very moment is that I came home to a messy house, a dog who needs someone to play with him, a baby who wouldn't take a nap, a toddler who was just being a two year old, and a husband who wanted dinner immediately. I truly felt like putting my head through the wall. If this is how it will be if I go back to work, I'll stay home, please. At least I have the rare opportunity to take a nap if the kids are sleeping at the same time. :)

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