Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Okay, so I haven't blogged in a while. Life gets in the way and we lost our "free" wireless internet (someone in the neighborhood didn't have their signal blocked). So much has happened. I have finally gotten my Pampered Chef business back up and running. I am looking to really book up my schedule for August and September and then ride the wave. K is doing great in the potty training dept. He even went on a weekend trip with daddy and only had one accident in his diaper. I'm such a proud mama!! A is getting more and more vocal and very needy. She thinks that all her needs should be met immediately. It's driving me crazy! I will update more often I hope. Do pray for R. His company is going under and I just turned in my resignation a couple of weeks ago. We will rely on God's provision, but it's hard to have faith and trust sometimes.

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