Sunday, July 15, 2007

Great Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend. My husband and I were able to actually go on a date Friday night for the first time in probably 2 years! It felt wonderful to have an adult conversation for a change. We went to a coffee shop in the 'boro and then around to the mall and Target then to Ritter's for some frozen custard. Then...on Sat. we were able to go and play 9 holes of golf in Smyrna. I will talk about that later. I just have a little more time so I do have to say that my mom is the greatest. She watched our two kids Friday night and then again on Sat. then K got to spend the night with her. She is so awsome and I am greatful to have a mom who can still take on two kids so my husband and I could have some time to work on our marriage. Updates on potty training coming soon to a computer near you!

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