Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Friday

I have various ideas about why they call the Friday after Thanksgiving "Black Friday." Perhaps it's because that's when all the stores that have a loss for the year jump up into "the black," maybe it's because people get up while it's still black outside (as in, not even approaching daylight or even dawn) to get the best deals, or maybe it's because that's the attitude many people have on this day.
My family got up at 5:30 am on Friday (mainly because that's when the princess decided she was hungry) and was out of the house by 6:00. We were off! Ray and I have always loved to go out on this day because it helps get us in the holiday spirit. We haven't gotten up early the last couple of years because our son was young and I just didn't see the point. This year, we went for it since we are all up before 6 almost every morning anyway. We rarely buy anything, just walk around and be in the crowds. I saw more families snapping at each other and other people just flat out being rude. It was so sad. This is a mere 12 hours after you just loved on your family and spent a day giving thanks, and now many people are back to the idea that they are all that matters. Getting stuff, saving money, getting stuff, all about me, me, me, me.
Personally, this was a day that was about my family. In all the chaos and craziness, I loved spending time with my family. My most memorable moment will be looking back on that day and remembering that my son and I are CRAZY! We went to go see a movie and when it was over, we started dancing like lunatics to the credits (we were the only ones in the theater). The princess was asleep and my husband was just sitting there looking at us. We had so much fun. Then I just stood there and looked at my son dancing, my husband watching him, my daughter asleep in her stroller and thought...this is MY family and I LOVE them so much. Hope you had a weekend of giving thanks and not getting things.

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