Friday, November 16, 2007


1. Why is this weather so crazy? Two days ago I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and was sweating. Today, when I go outside, I need my sweatshirt. If it's so warm I have to wear a t-shirt on Thanksgiving, then God and I are having words. I despise starting the Christmas season when it's 75 degrees outside. It kinda dampens the spirit. I'm still getting my Peppermint Mocha next Friday; I don't care how hot it is outside.
2. Why does it take over 6 months to do with the second child what only took 6 weeks to do with the 1st? Aaliyah's finally on a good 8 months old. She is not, however, sleeping through the night again.
3. Why does everyone's life always look better than yours?
4. Why do we envy other people's relationships?
5. Why does my dog insist on sleeping on the couch no matter how many times we tell him to get off?
6. Why can I never live up to my own expectation of myself?
7. Why do preschoolers insist on watching the same movie 500 times in one week?
8. Why do I procrastinate?
9. Why can't I have the good genes that make you skinny no matter what you eat?
10. Why am I griping on a blog?

I'll work on something positive for next time.

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