Monday, November 12, 2007

Man I'm getting good at this.

I have always loved taking pictures and I have been trying to become a better photographer lately since I now have 2 children. We have had a good camera since Kyler was born and we have a few good pictures here and there, but not a whole lot. I have always been able to spot a good picture, but when I take it, it never looks right. Then...the digital camera came along!!! I love being able to review my pictures immediately and decide if I need to take another or not. I also have gotten a lot of ideas from looking at my friend Alison's pictures. She is an amazing photographer and has a real knack for catching people in their natural state whether at their wedding or playing in a field with the whole family. Here are a few shots I have taken of Kyler and one of Aaliyah (maybe for their modeling portfolios?).

Here's Kyler back in May.

These are from just last week.

I'd have more of Aaliyah but she hasn't quite learned how to sit still for the camera and always seems to stop smiling the second it's in her face. Maybe she's more suited for high fashion!

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