Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Pictures...finally!

We only got pictures of the kids when they first woke up to open presents from Santa. Apparently I over-charged the batteries (didn't know you could do that) and they died after about 5 minutes. Funny thing Ray's parent's house, no one had a camera that was really working either. That's okay. I don't have any pictures of Kyler's 1st Christmas. At least we got a couple of Aaliyah.

Here's Kyler in his new PJs we opened on Christmas Eve. This is the truck he wanted. It turns into a gorilla! He was so excited.

Aaliyah with a present...not too awake and not too sure what to do with it.

Kyler opening his new Transformers toothbrush and cup holder.

Kyler with his V-Smile game system...he plays this everyday!

The kids and me in our Christmas Eve PJ's and Aaliyah's new Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn puppy. She cracks up at this and dances to the songs like a maniac...maniac...

Aaliyah looking and wondering about this colorful thing in front of her.

Trying to figure out what to I supposed to eat the paper?

Finally...some progress. For those who want to was a glow worm.

All in all it was a good holiday. The kids got way too many toys and everything was way too chaotic. Maybe we'll be able to calm it down next year...yeah, right!

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SUZANNE said...

I just discovered that you had a blog. I can't believe how your kids have grown. They are both very cute. Hope you are enjoying staying at home. You should meet us with us to play sometime.