Friday, January 4, 2008

Off Day

Today is one of those days when you fall off the "resolution wagon." You've been doing great and then you wake up one day and nothing feels different than it did before New Years. You wonder why you even bothered to try and make changes at all. I woke up, after a rough night, at 5:00 because that's when the princess decided to wake up, again. Long story really husband said something to me later in the morning and I snapped at him and he gave me one of his "looks" and I muttered something under my breath. I've been snapping at my son all morning and just want to go hide under the covers and start the day all over.
I made it a goal of mine to change my perspective this year. To try and be positive and have fun with my family instead of always trying to be the hard-nosed mom. I wanted to stop yelling at my children and husband and try to keep a level head about the small things. This morning, that didn't happen. I remember thinking how was I even going to make it through the day...I'm too tired and have way too much to do. Then I flipped to today's bible verse in the calendar my mom got me for Christmas..."The joy of the Lord is your strength" (Neh. 8:10).
Okay, God...I get are who I need to rely on...can you help me, please!

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