Wednesday, January 30, 2008

fun with the kids

This evening I was at a loss for what to do with the kids. We had eaten dinner, there was nothing on TV but the news, and daddy was still at work. I decided to put on some music (a CD that our kids at church did about 5 years ago) and we could just dance around and sing. About halfway through the first song decided that maybe the dog should go in his kennel because we dance, he jumps around and bites. Then we just had fun.
I love moments like that. I think when I'm old and losing my mind, I will always remember dancing in the living room with my kids. The way Aaliyah crawls over to the stereo and sits on her knees just laughing and bouncing...the way Kyler plays the air guitar and dances around...the way I just act silly and don't care what I look like. Then I started singing with the CD and realized that we weren't just dancing in the living room to some random CD. We, in all our silliness, were praising God and worshipping right there at home. There is something about worshipping in song at home that always gets to me. Singing always makes me feel emotions a little more raw than I would normally (part of being a musician, I guess). I picked up Aaliyah so we could dance together and asked Kyler if we were praising Jesus. He lifted up one hand and said "I can play guitar and praise Jesus at the same time!" Wow. From the mouths of babes. The he went on as the CD continued through a few more songs and said, "mom, God is right there watching us (he pointed to the kitchen) and Jesus is up there (pointing to the ceiling)." Then he kept calling me a singing angel.
Some would just say he's being a 3 year old playing pretend, but I know he's not just pretending. When he was a baby, he would look up into the corner in his room and just smile real big. At first I thought, what is he looking at? Then as it kept happening I thought, my son is looking at angels in his room! Do I belive that angels exist? Absolutely. Have I ever seen one? Nope. But it's amazing what kids can see that we don't.
Take some time this week to turn on the music, dance around like a little kid, and just praise God for who he is...and know that he is watching and smiling.

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