Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What happens if...

There comes a time when every boy (or girl for that matter) discovers the game "What happens if...?" It's usually around 3 or 4 years old. For Kyler, it was yesterday. For Aaliyah, it was a few weeks ago.
Three or four weeks ago, Kyler was using the restroom (no. 2) and Aaliyah crawled her way into the bathroom. When I got Kyler up off the toilet to wipe his bottom, Aaliyah thought it would be fun to be curious and put her hand in the toilet. I thought I got her hand out in time, but as I grabbed her hand to keep it out of her mouth (it was headed there) I saw it...poop...on her fingers! I can't believe how fast she was. Funny thing is, I was just talking to Ray a couple of days earlier about how she will be the one to take off her diaper and smear poop all over the house!
Now to yesterday. Kyler has hit the age that he wants to know what will happen when he does something. Forget if I tell him what will happen, he wants to see it for himself (I call this disobeying, my mom calls it misplaced curiosity). First experiment - He took a case that holds a small memory card and put it down his throat. Result -'s do that again! second time - gag, throw yelling. result - let's not throw up on purpose again. Second experiment - drink some of sister's bottle. [sidebar - now I don't know if dad made him do it or gave him the idea or if he just did it all on his own, I wasn't home at the time] Result - gag...throw, red throw up (because of Kool-Aid he just drank).
I hope we don't have any more throwing up experiments any time soon. I'm tired of cleaning up puke.

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