Saturday, January 5, 2008

Conversations with Kyler

We just finished our lunch of mac-n-cheese and there was a CD playing in the living room. Part of our conversation went like this:

Kyler - this is Rock Star (from PS3)
me - actually, this is music about Jesus...but Jesus is a rock star, huh?
Kyler - yeah
me - Jesus is the ultimate rock star
Kyler - Jesus is the BIGGEST rock star...and he plays the drums
me - really? maybe that's the thunder...not so scary now, huh?
Kyler - yeah it is
me - what does God play...guitar?
Kyler - yeah
me - and who does the singing...oh, I know, the angels sing
Kyler - yeah
me - heaven will just be one big rock concert...that's cool, huh!
Kyler - yeah...I'm gonna be bigger than Jesus
me - you can never be bigger than Jesus
Kyler - Jesus is this tall, and I'm gonna be that big, too

I love my son! We have the best conversations. I just wish I could remember more of them to write them down.

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